Licensing is now governed by the Licensing Act 2003. The changes were brought in to encourage a flexible approach to licensing. The Act allows premises licence holders more autonomy on the types of activities they can carry out on their premises and the times that they can do it.

However, our licensing solicitors have found that greater autonomy comes at a price for licence holders. The Licensing Act 2003 has brought with it greater enforcement powers for the police and other bodies responsible for licensing.

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with all aspects of licensing procedures, regularly advising clients from grant, to variation, to review.

We work closely with licensing authorities and licensing consultancies and have built up an invaluable stock of expertise and contacts since the Licensing Act came into force.

This is one area where there is no substitute for specialist legal advice. Our licensing solicitors are here to help; so if you need a new premises licence or personal licence or you have had your licence called in for review we can offer you the benefit of our extensive experience in this specialist area.

Licensing Courses

Licensing law solicitor Emma Napper holds regular courses for anyone wishing to become a licence holder or know more about this area. If you are interested and would like details of Emma’s upcoming courses then why not send her an email to [email protected].

Licensing Law And Licensed Businesses