Someone who will provide a fixed competitive price

If you are looking for value for money from your Solicitor don’t simply take the first conveyancing Solicitor that your Estate Agent recommends (after all the conveyancing recommendation is often based on commission not quality).

Our conveyancing and property service is second to none and our charges are totally transparent. With Slee Blackwell Solicitors your fees for your property sale or your property purchase are clearly set out up front so that you can budget from the outset.

With Slee Blackwell Solicitors there are no nasty surprises, hidden extras or charges for additional conveyancing work for your property sale or your property purchase (unless agreed with you, of course).

Our fees for your property sale or your property purchase are fixed at the outset so that they won’t go up even if your conveyancing transaction is a bit more difficult for us than we originally expected. We are prepared to take the rough with the smooth to get – and keep – your business.

Unlike many cut price conveyancing outfits, at Slee Blackwell Solicitors we want to win your business and keep you as a satisfied client for life.

Someone with a quality guarantee

All solicitors firms are regulated by the Law Society.

Slee Blackwell Solicitors additionally have achieved the Law Society Lexcel standard for legal excellence.

According to the Law Society

Lexcel is the Law Society’s practice management standard. It is a scheme for any type of practice to certify that certain standards have been met following independent assessment. The Lexcel practice management standard is only awarded to solicitors who meet the highest management and customer care standards. Lexcel accredited practices undergo rigorous independent assessment every year to ensure they meet required standards of excellence in areas such as client care, case management and risk management.” Link to

Someone who will give you their full attention

Many on-line conveyancing firms will attract you with marketing promises and then pass your move on to a network of solicitor and non solicitor firms, rather than process it themselves. As you can imagine, whilst this arrangement is lucrative for the conveyancing firm, it can lead to you being passed to a Solicitor / Conveyancer who you wouldn’t choose to use yourself for your property sale or your property purchase.

Slee Blackwell Solicitors employ our own conveyancing lawyers who work exclusively on your behalf for your property sale or your property, with your best interests our only concern.

With Slee Blackwell Solicitors you are not just a number.

Someone who knows what they are talking about and who wants to talk to you

Many on-line conveyancing firms put you in touch with third party conveyancing firms which makes it hard to know who to talk to. Alternatively you may get asked to talk to an office full of junior staff who will provide general information from a computer screen, and who will struggle with even the most basic queries about your property sale or your property purchase.

Slee Blackwell Solicitors will dedicate an experienced Property Lawyer to your move. You are at the heart of our service and your satisfaction is our passport to success.

Someone who will make your move as stress free as possible

It is ridiculous to the think that we are often afraid to call a Solicitor because we think they may over charge us, or that they will bite our heads off for interrupting them. Moving home is one of the most stressful experiences many of us can face. Make sure you choose a conveyancing service for your property sale or your property purchase who make you feel confident that your move will be as easy as it possibly can be.

Slee Blackwell Solicitors are a friendly, approachable firm. We operate an efficient computer based conveyancing case management system with experienced Property Lawyers for your property sale or your property purchase. Because one Property Lawyer deals with your entire move we are able to take pride in making sure your move goes without a hitch. We are happy to help. We are here to help. We need to help you – that is our raison d’etre.

Someone who provides a specialist service with added benefits

Slee Blackwell Solicitors employs whole team of specialist property lawyers for your property sale or your property purchase. We are not a firm of generalists and we won’t be in Court when you phone.

Unlike many online firms and cut price conveyancing factories we also have specialist lawyers across the full range of legal topics – so if you need advice about any other matter in the course of or after your transaction we will be delighted to assist.