Legal and financial considerations of buying a hotel

Our specialist hotel solicitors summarise some of the key legal and financial considerations that need to be taken into account when buying a hotel in England or Wales, including the legal steps that are involved in the transaction:

1. Due Diligence:

Thorough due diligence should be conducted to investigate the hotel’s legal status, financial records, compliance with regulations, licenses, permits, contracts, and any potential liabilities.

2. Negotiating Terms:

The terms of the hotel acquisition need to be negotiated, including the price, payment terms, contingencies, warranties, and representations.

3. Drafting and Reviewing Contracts:

Reviewing and drafting purchase agreements, financing agreements, lease agreements, and any other legal documents relevant to the transaction.

4. Title Search and Land Registry:

Conducting a title search to verify the property’s ownership and to check for any legal encumbrances or restrictions. Registering the transfer of ownership with the Land Registry following completion of the acquisition.

5. Financing Arrangements:

Arranging financing if necessary, including mortgages or loans, and ensuring compliance with lending requirements.

6. Obtaining Licenses and Permits:

Ensuring that all necessary licenses and permits are obtained for operating the hotel legally, including planning permissions, alcohol licenses, food hygiene certificates, and health and safety regulation compliance.

7. Employment Law Compliance:

Reviewing employment contracts and ensuring compliance with employment law. Addressing any potential liabilities related to existing employees.

8. Tax Considerations:

Considering tax implications related to the hotel purchase.

9. Post-Completion Steps:

Addressing all post-completion steps, such as updating registrations, notifying relevant authorities, and transitioning operational responsibilities.
It is advisable to work with experienced hotel solicitors and other professionals specialising in commercial property and hospitality transactions to navigate these legal steps effectively.
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