Most landlords do not know and it is important that they do as failure take the correct action is a criminal offence. This year a landlord was jailed for 2 and a half years when a tenant was badly injured in a fire at a flat where the regulations had not been complied with. The Health and Safety Executive has launched website setting out information on landlords’ obligations which include:

• maintaining/repairing pipe work, flues and gas appliances;
• carrying out annual safety checks for gas appliances, chimneys and flues;
• keeping records of gas safety checks and providing copies to tenants and
• ensuring tenants are informed of their responsibilities.

The website is very useful as all the information is in one place and there are answers to common questions, such as who can carry out these checks. The website also contains a link to a list of Gas Safe registered engineers. To view the website follow this link

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What are a landlord’s gas safety obligations?